Rules for play at our court during COVID Restrictions

Precautions during the COVID regulations:

  • it is up to each person to feel safe and thus sanitize hands or gates or tools etc. before and after use.
  • singles only
  • you can decide if you want to bring your own drinking water. The usual tap will be available if you feel safe touching the tap.
  • park on the parking lot next to the shed and walk up the road. Do not block the driveway as our tenant uses it regularly.
  • only use the gate at the west corner. The gate closest to the stairs leading to the house are for Robert and Judy only.
  • each player brings their own can of balls and avoid touching the other guy’s balls (hahaha, funny as it sounds, do your best to only make physical contact with your own tennis balls)
  • please bring your own hand sanitizer and use it before, during and after play.
  • be mindful when entering the court as each person is opening the gate, so please use the hand sanitizer before touching the gate door.
  • I have a bench on the house side of the net and one at the back of the court next to the clubhouse, so that you can maintain physical distancing when resting. The bench at the base of the cliff is for Robert and Judy only please.
  • please use your hand sanitizer before and after using the brushes to groom the court and the watering nozzle.
  • Feel free to water the court before and during the time you are on the court. Please be mindful since we have to have the water delivered for the court. Since it will just waste water, please avoid watering the court if you are close to finishing your session and never after you have played.. If you need instruction on how to water the court, please let me know and I will show you how.
  • I will collect donations for using the court to help pay for the water. Please put the money in the box by the watering tap or eTransfer or PayPal if preferred to
  • If you feel any symptoms of the flu please cancel and do not play.
  • please take your garbage and recycling with you.

We can adjust these rules as I get feedback from people.

Grooming the court etc.

  • when you are done playing, or as needed, please use ONLY the metal or black brush. Do not use the green mat nor the metal scraping bars.
  • try not to lift the brush on the court as it leaves a lump that has leaves and other crap. I always drag the brush off the court to one of the three main corners or next to the bench under the cliff. Then I give it a gentle bang on the brick edge to remove some of the leaves.
  • the line sweeper is very expensive and as such I prefer to store it inside the clubhouse after you are done. Please hang it on the top 2×4 on the left wall.
  • Please close the umbrellas, pull them out, and lay on the bench to prevent them from being damaged by gusts of wind.
I am very happy to provide the court for your usage since it is isolated and not going to be used by a lot of public.
I am looking forward to lots of singles in the upcoming weeks!!
Lets practice Physical Distancing, NOT Social Distancing.!!!

PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO BOOK A SPOT. Please don’t text, message, WhatsApp, discord, skype, google, etc. etc. etc… I cant keep track of all the f$%&ing ways I have to communicate!

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