PMYO Mission, Vision, Goals and Values – OLD

ProMusica Youth Orchestra

¡Inspire. Enrichment. Community!

Mission Statement

Nurturing aspiring Mexican musicians to develop and strengthen their life skills through musical performance.

Aprovechar a músicos mexicanos que aspiren a “desarrollar” y fortalecer sus habilidades en la vida cotidiana a través de la música.

Vision Statement

Evolving and sustaining a youth orchestra as an instrument to enrich the lives of both musicians and music lovers in our community.

Evolucionar y sostener una orquesta de jóvenes como un instrumento de enriquecimiento para las vidas de los músicos y los amantes de la música en nuestra comunidad.

About Us

The ProMusica Youth Orchestra supports around 50 young adult Mexican musicians aged 18 to 30 by providing a stipend to encourage participation. Through hard work and discipline the orchestra prepares and performs challenging music.

Our Shared Goals and Values

The young adult musicians and the ProMusica organization and the community all work together as a team to manifest our mission and vision. As such each group realizes the shared goals through exemplary actions.

Goals for Our Organization, Musicians & Community:

  • To be Self Sustaining so that the young musicians and the community can feel confident in continued success.
  • To Promote the Growth of classical music in our local community by inspiring young musicians with great music and entertaining concerts for all to enjoy.
  • To Support the Future of Classical Music by encouraging and supporting young musicians
  • To Enrich our Local Community with symphonic music concerts.

“We are defined by our actions, not our words.” Captain Fantastic 2016

Values for Our Organization, Musicians & Community:

The manner by which we achieve our goals is very important. Thus understanding the values that underpin our behaviour is essential. The Organization, Musicians and Community have shared goals, but the values are different for each group.

May our goals be realized by our actions, and our actions be guided by these values

Values of the ProMusica Organization

  • Demonstrating Fiscal Responsibility ensures the patrons and the organizations financial support is used responsibly to support our values, vision and mission.
  • Being a Community Resource supports our community by performing well. To assist young musicians develop both musically and life skills in a safe and inspiring organization.
  • Supplying Mentorship to support members of the Youth Orchestra both financially, with payments for rehearsals and concerts, and musically by local professional musicians thus helping to enable the young adults to grow as musicians and in all aspects of their lives.

Values of the Young Adult Musicians:

  • Demonstrating Responsibility through practice, preparing music and attending all rehearsals.
  • Showing Professionalism by arriving early to be warmed up and ready to play when rehearsal or performance starts. Being well prepared. Dress appropriate for concerts.
  • Having Integrity to attend practice and performance for the benefit of the orchestra, not just attending for the money.
  • Being Respectful for all fellow musicians, the director, the patrons, the organization and the audiences.

Values of the Community of Music Lovers

    • Financial Contributions both large and small allow the continued participation of the musicians. Long Term Commitment financially will sustain our mission for years to come.
    • Attending Concerts will support the hard work and effort to realize a concert.
  • Volunteering as musical mentors or to support the many activities required to make rehearsals and concerts successful will benefit everyone: “many hands make light work.

Our Music Director and Conductor

Robert Mari volunteers as music director and conductor of the PMYO. He started playing piano at the age of 3 and two years later started to perform in public. He first performed with baton in hand at 13 years old and 2 years later was the music director and conductor of two folk orchestras in Vancouver and Victoria BC. Canada. While completing his Masters of Music at UBC he conducted both choirs and orchestras. His postgraduate studies in the Masters and Doctorate program were at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore Maryland where he was recognized by the then president Ronald Reagan for his contributions to the community of the Charles Street Chamber Orchestra that he created. He left music for a short period of time to pursue a career in computers and retired from the business world to return to being a musician. He has produced several recordings, composed music for movies, orchestra and choirs and was the Music Director and Conductor for the Cowichan Consort Orchestra and Choir on Vancouver Island BC. Canada until retiring in 2021. In 2021 took over the PMYO position after the sudden loss of the previous conductor Tim Hazel.


“By giving a stipend to the young adult musicians, having others from the community playing with them, and performing great works of music, we nourish and manifest our Mission, Vision, Goals and Values.” – Robert Van Mari, Musical Director and Conductor, PMYO