Tennis and Tango in Buenos Aires

Our First Day

First tennis on red clay in Buenos Aires

Our first hit on clay yesterday. Temperature was a perfect 28 C. The apartment that we are staying in is just behind those buildings behind us. They clay is well used... makes me appreciate our well groomed court at home!! But it was wonderful to hit.


Here is Judy working on hooking her rug as we land in b.a.

judy in the plane landing in Buenos Aires

It took us 27 hours door to door. We had a good sleep on the flight from Toronto to Santiago. Service on Air Canada was very good. It was wonderful to have 110 volt power and usb on every seat so that we could use our tablets etc. without running out of battery.

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Sitting in YYJ, Vancouver airport

Just had lunch with judy and I wanted to test creating a blog with my new cell phone!

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Cliffside Clay Court