Tennis and Tango in Buenos Aires

Breakfast? Heat and weird prices

Robert having his first food of the day

First of all, after 1.5 hours of singles at 9am, we got on the road and my first food was in the large beer bottle! Wierd.

It was a hot day and I think I suffered a bit of heat. Had trouble stopping my profuse sweating.

For the food portion of the meal I had "matambre a la pizza," which is a thin flank steak well cooked and then melted cheeze and tomato sauce and italian spices. Pizza and Steak without the bread! Very filling without the starch and at only $6US was a great deal.


I have noticed that the pricing in Buenos Aires is in flux. Services are very inexpensive, while products are not. A single pair of mens sports socks was $2, a can of tennis balls $8!! But transit is unbelievably cheap at about 25 cents for a local bus trip (it is subsidized by the government, get a SUBE Card).

Other services: string tennis raquet for $5US labor. Massage $20US.

But a pair of plastic flip flops were $7US!! In Canada you could get them for a few bucks.

judy at restaurante


That's Judy assisting me with the litre of Biro!! She had a pizza for lunch.

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